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DIGITAL GOLD MULTIMEDIA, INC. ("DGM") helps businesses in branding their name and promoting their products and services using the popular "OOH"(Out of Home) digital media concept by providing Flat Panel Digital Screens for Advertisers.  

Digital Gold Multimedia, Inc  operates large High Resolution TV screens in several strategic Bay Area locations with HIGH-FOOT TRAFFIC such as well known Grocery Stores, Fine Restaurants, Community Centers and more within Southeast Asian (Indian) community. 

According to NIELSEN REPORT (see excerpts below)

"Digital Brand Advertising" is growing faster than "Direct Response Advertising"



According to the NIELSON Report:  Nielsen, in conjunction with the CMO Council, had surveyed marketers to learn more about how - and where - they’re spending advertising dollars.

"...marketers reported running significantly more (33%) Digital Brand Advertising Campaigns than Direct Response ones.   Compared to last year, when marketers ran slightly more direct response campaigns than brand advertising campaigns, brand advertising is accelerating across digital platforms.  Overall, 70% of marketers increased the amount of budget allocated to digital brand advertising in 2014, a 15% rise from last year."   

"Digital advertising continues to grow as marketers follow fragmenting audiences across screens. Within the digital medium, which has traditionally been dominated by direct response advertising, brand marketing growth is now outpacing direct response".


Here is the newest 2020 Survey graphic picture from Neilson:
















Indians from the Asian Sub-continent form the Second Largest Asian Ethnic Group In the United States.   DGM connects you to a big chunk of this most sought-after South Asian demographic in the Bay Area covering South Bay, Tri-Valley and East Bay.   

Research shows that:  

(Numbers from 2020 Census are not reflected here as the details are still being finalized by the Census Bureau) 

1.  A Whopping 72% U.S. Asian population growth from 2000 to 2015 from 11.9 million to 20.4 million (Indians account for 4 million in the US and about 1 million in CA).

2.   A Younger Group with a Median Age of 35

      - 91% with a High School Degree or higher

      - 68% with a Bachelor's Degree or higher

3.   64% in Management & Professional Occupations

4.   56% Homeownership

5.   Highest median household annual income among all Asian ethnicities – $123,700

6.   Combined disposable income: over $88 Billion

7.   Annual Buying Power:  Approximately $20 billion



At this time we operate over 30 digital 'Place-Based' large TV screens in many Northern California Bay Area cities.   Additional screens are being added on an ongoing basis.  Please click here to see current locations.


Each Ad stays on the screen for 12 to 15 seconds.  We do accept a maximum of 15 to 30 second long video ads (to be provided by Advertiser).  All Ads are repeated every 12 to 15 minutes during the business hours of each location.   

Based on 30 screens, Ads are shown approximately:   

                               1,200  Times a Day

                               8,000  Times a Week

                             32,000  Times a Month

                           380,000  Times a Year   


For a minimum 3-month commitment, DGM will create one simple digital slide at no cost.   Or Advertisers can provide their own 'ready-to-load' digital Ad in 1920 x 1080 resolution Or a 15 or *30 second long video Ad  in mp4 format.  Please note that some locations do not allow sound.  *

Note:   Extra fee applies to a 30-Second long Video ad.  Please ask for details.

In addition to Ads, at its discretion, DGM may also display entertainment features, breaking news and other interesting content to keep the viewers engaged.                            



  We provide customized and very competitive rates.  Please contact at 510-815-9641

  to get a quote.  Thanks.


              i)  Higher rates apply for ads repeated every 7.5 minutes

              ii)  Higher rates apply for a 30-second long Ad

             iii)  Higher rates may apply for short-term ads, like Concerts or Campaigns



  Cancellation:  After the initial firm commitment period expires, an advertiser can cancel at

  any time by giving a written 30-day cancellation notice.   All cancellations become

  effective from the applicable date in the next month.

  Subject to availability and at its sole discretion, DGM may temporarily upload the ad(s) to its website

  and / or on one to three additional screens at no additional cost to the


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