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Until a fully paid order is accepted by Digital Gold Multimedia, Inc. ("DGM"),

all rates and terms are subject to change

at any time without notice.


We provide customized and very competitive rates.  Please contact by phone at 510-815-9641 to get a quote.  Thanks.



Ad (Slide or a max 15-second video) stays on the screen for 15 seconds

Ad repeats every 12 to 15 minutes

Ad is shown on 30 Screens approximately 30 to 50 times a day.  It appears almost:                                                               

                               1,200  Times a Day

                               8,000  Times a Week

                             32,000  Times a Month

                           380,000  Times a Year


              i)  Higher rates apply for ads repeated every 7.5 minutes

              ii)  Higher rates apply for a 30-second long Ad

             iii)  Higher rates may apply for short-term ads, like Concerts or Campaigns



Cancellation:  Other than firm-commitment based rates, an advertiser can cancel at any time by giving a written 30-day cancellation notice.   All cancellations become effective from the applicable date in the next month.


Video Ads (Sound):  Some of our locations do not allow sound.

Ad Preparation:   Advertiser to provide 'Ready-to-Load' ads. If required, DGM will create a basic digital slide at no cost to Advertiser with a minimum three-month commitment.    At this time DGM does not create any video ads.  

To Advertise on our Popular Screens, please

Call today -  510-815-9641 

Between 9:00 am and 7 pm (Pacific).

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