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Digital Gold Multimedia, Inc. ("DGM") delivers powerful branding & marketing solutions through OOH 'Place-based' Digital Flat Panel Advertising on large HD screens at high-foot traffic businesses and community locations.
At this time, we serve the San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay, East Bay and Tri-Valley).
DGM puts your business in front of the affluent Indian community by frequently showing your advertisement on 20+ screens approximately 800 times each day, 24,000 times per month, 300,000 times per year.  Avoid falling into the trap of "Out of sight, Out of mind"  by having an ongoing exposure on our digital screens.   Keep your business in front of peoples' eyes and "stay in sight ".   
Repeated Exposure on Screens 

Helps Attract More Clients.  


Limited Spots Available 

Call us Today at


Between 9 am and 7 pm (Pacific)l

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